Other Products and Services

We are a full service bank providing a wide range of other banking services to compliment our banking products.

  • Safety Deposit Boxes
    (The contents of your safe deposit box are not insured against loss by the bank or the FDIC)
  • 24-Hour Night Drop Service
  • 24-Hour SHAZAM ATM services
  • Bank Drafts
  • Wire Transfers
  • Personal Money Orders
  • Bank by Mail
  • Notary Public Services
  • Fax Services
  • Telephone Transfers
Security State Bank - Algona, IA
Algona, IA
1 East State Street
(515) 295-9501 phone
Security State Bank - Algona, IA
Algona, IA
801 East State Street
(515) 395-6501 phone
Security State Bank - Lu Verne, IA
Lu Verne, IA
102 DeWitt Street
(515) 882-3277 phone
Security State Bank - Burt, IA
Burt, IA
122 Walnut Street
(515) 924-3215 phone